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not sure if I should use subdirectories or subdomains when creating network

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    Hi, I’m new to this, thanks in advance for the help.
    I’ve just (finally!) figured out how to get the networks tab under my tools, have deactivated the buddypress plugin, and am now at the stage of creating networks. I’m not sure if it is better to choose subdomains or subdirectories, what that means, if anything, in terms of functionality. It says that it cannot be changed later so this is obviously a very important step and I don’t know which to choose.
    Thank you

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    Both options are pretty close to the same now. Their use to be more things that you could do with one and not the other. Now, the biggest thing is just the URL that people can use to reference their blogs. For example, do you prefer or Either way works. Now it seems like it’s more down to preference for the URL structure. Personally I use the subdirectories since I like the way it looks. Then, you don’t have less internet savvy users who type and get mad that it doesn’t work.

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    thanks, techguy. That’s what i needed to hear before choosing :)

    same here, thankyou. good response. :)

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