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    One question that has been buzzing around my head lately… is their any benifits of using Buddypress’ template tags, when their’s a wordpress function that does the same thing?

    For example:
    – bp_site_name() seems to be the same as bloginfo(‘name’)

    When developing a site, Which one is recommended?

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  • For that one, suggest you look at the code and if it could be done filtered onto WordPress’ function. Raise a ticket if you think we’ve overlooked something, we may well have :)

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    @DJpaul it is hooked into wordpress’ function, so yeah, nothing was missed (…i think) :) lol

    I was just curious as to why it exists in the first place as i was looking through the bp default theme and noticed it in the header.php file. is it just an old function from the golden days, or should buddypress themes use that function instead of get_bloginfo?

    Not sure why it’s there. We’re not filtering it. Raise a ticket.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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