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The ‘cancel friendship’ & ‘private message’ buttons overlap each other in users profile pages.

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    == ‘cancel friendship’ & ‘private message’ buttons overlap each other ==

    1. If you want volunteers to actually check out the issue, please provide test user username and password which you can delete later.

    2. What happened to the ‘public message’ button which in bp-default theme shows up between ‘cancel friendship’ and ‘private message’ buttons?

    3. In all probability, you would just need to add styles in your theme’s style.css file. something like:
    `#item-buttons a { margin-right: 15px; }`
    The above will work in bp-default theme. No guarantees this will work on your theme.

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    Thanks for replying

    1. here is a test user account. Username: user1 Password: user1

    2. Not sure where the public message button went, although my thoughts are that its also overlapping with the others. In this theme they’re not buttons, but text links. so you can see a bunch of text on top of text. if that makes sense.

    When you log into the home page won’t have much on it. click on a user image to the right and you should see the jumbled text on the top right of the profile page.

    Thanks for your help it’s much appreciated

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    Looks like JS hiding all the buttons from this test user – though I can see all those links in source.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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