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  • i have another question.

    here is what i want to do:

    – display a static page for the homepage url – i’ve got this figured out
    – remove access to other parts of the site (activity page, members page, other pages, etc…) if the user is not logged in (including hiding the tabs)
    – upon successful login, re-enable the tabs, and have the homepage url redirect to the “activity” page (in other words do not allow access to the static home page at all, until they log out)

    most examples i’ve found so far focus on redirecting fromt he home url to the user’s profile page, (but only when clicking on a “home” entry in a menu or on a tab. what i want is if the user visits the home url, to be automatically redirected away from it.

    that option no longer exists, per WordPress 3.1.1.

    i’m interested in this as well. also, i can’t seem to find how to define what shows up on the “home” tab. right now it seems to just show latest posts. i want to put a static page there, and then when a user signs in, i want that static page/home tab to go away and have them be sent to their profile page only. any ideas?

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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