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About Me

I am Peter and currently working on a WordPress site about Airtracks. An Airtrack is a piece of gymnastic equipment which give you more power and height on your jumps. It’s basically a gymnastic mat filled with Air, which makes it more bouncy. I train gymnastic training on the Airtrack several times a week and I also do other sports like fitness and aerobic. When not training or working out I try to relax as much as possible. Either with a good book, a tv serie on netflex or playing some video games. Right now I am trying to finish the Airtrack training information webpage, but it’s going a bit slow as I am not a programmer.

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WordPress Origin Story

I wanted to build a website about how to use the Airtrack and a friend of mine recommended that I gave WordPress a try. He said it was pretty easy to get into and that you could do a whole website with no programming experience. So I gave it a try. It’s not quite as easy as he made it out to be, but still more simple than some of the other webdesign systems I have tried out. Now I just have to find the perfect theme, as the ones I have already tried are either to complex or I didn’t quite like the design on them. Soon you will be able to see some of my Airtrack Matte videos on the website and hopefully get some inspiration.




Job Title

Gymnastic trainer


Love training on my Airtrack. For more info about what an Airtrack is see here.
I also enjoy other types of sport such as kickboxing, fitness and swimming, but I do prefer training gymnastics on my Airtracks. It can be hard to find the time to do all these types of sport, but I do my best because I really love sport and pushing my body to the max. You can see my website about Airtrack’s here or view some of my other work on this site
Right now I am building a website about Airtracks and adding training videos and tutorials. So at the moment I am looking for someone to help record me when working on the Airtrack, so that I will have some more video material for my website. Right now the website is pretty empty so I’ll need to make some more content and videos to put on it. Next step is to shoot a few Airtrack videos and get them added to the site somehow. Not sure if I should you Youtube for this, or some other video hosting service. Maybe also add a few still pictures of me training on the tracks or trampoline.
There are so many things to consider when building a website and I am still trying to learn just a little part of it.

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