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  • alealealeo


    Thanks for the link, although I noticed it was opened 2 years ago and has been pushed over time until it has reached the 2.0 milestone, not too promising!

    But yes that is exactly what I was trying to find, and I didn’t even think of multi-language issues with the current code.

    At least now I fully understand exactly whats’ going on 🙂




    1- I do understand this, but if you change a filter and use it like that for a while, and then want to change it again, your existing data will stay unchanged. To me the solution is to not have a filter for things that won’t be able to be manipulated later on.

    2- Building dynamic strings may be ever so slightly slower, but it’s the reason I love WordPress – To have the power to easily and dynamically change data.

    The main reason I want to make changes to the code is because BuddyPress currently provides a specific way to output things, example:

    “Author Name posted an update in the group [group avatar] Group Name, 14 hours, 00 minutes ago”

    A: None of the links have a class set (except for the time) Meaning that I can’t add CSS to increase the size of “Author Name” without affecting “Group Name” and vice-versa. So I was trying to manipulate the filter to add a class.

    B: I want to change the order of the output, for example if I increase the size of the group avatar I would want to move it from where it is completely. Not very flexible for people who want to make the line work/look a certain way.

    Another example of this problem is the avatar sizes:

    If you define the avatar sizes, example:
    define ( 'BP_AVATAR_FULL_WIDTH', 300 );
    any avatars from activity/groups previously created will still use the old avatar size.
    So if you set it to 300, and then I want to change it in the future to 100 and change the design/CSS, all the existing activity will still show 300 and look bad with the new CSS.

    WordPress works this way to with image thumbnails, however, you can force a regeneration of them using a plugin.

    In short, I am finding that BuddyPress is a great plugin but it seems to me that for the activity (the most important aspect of the plugin) you are stuck into using/showing it how the BuddyPress developers decided was the best format/look, because changing it via filters will result in headaches if I install my custom filters on a site with existing BuddyPress data.

    If there were a way to regenerate the activity database to update everything with the filters/sizes set, that would solve most of the more obvious problems.



    Hi Paul,

    Oh you are right, I didn’t word my original message properly, I was referring 100% to the activity messages, they seem to be fully stored in the database.

    Do you know if there is a way around this problem?



    But strictly speaking, it doesn’t seem like a bug, it seems like it was intentional way of working.

    Can a BuddyPress staff member confirm there is nothing we can do about this in the current version? Is there any way to rebuild or regenerate the data to use filters/code alterations?

    When you save activity data to the database, surely the “translatable/filterable/variable” parts of strings (such as “X posted an update”, etc) wouldn’t be included and would be put together using functions?

    The way it is now (and without being able to rebuild) customizing the plugin seems strictly limited by nature.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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