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  • Hello

    Thanks, I seemed to misread the codex. I did not realize the word “the” was not included. Here’s the code that did it for me in the end.

    $member_id = bp_displayed_user_id();
    $x = ( get_user_meta( $member_id, 'staff', true ) == '' ) ? "Staff" : get_user_meta( $member_id, 'staff', true );
    echo '<div class="staff-label">';
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  • Hello @shanebp,

    I tried this code but it did not work. Anywhere I went wrong?

    $member_id = bp_displayed_user_id();
    $x = ( get_the_user_meta( 'staff', $member_id ) == '' ) ? "Staff" : get_the_user_meta( 'staff', $member_id );
    echo '<div class="staff-label">';
    echo $x ;
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  • Alex Stine replied to the topic Hide Emails Menu in the forum Creating & Extending 6 years ago

    OK, if anyone else was wondering how to do this, it’s simple. Just add this code to functions.php or a mu-plugin and the BuddyPress items disappear.

    function remove_admin_menu_items() {
    /*Remove Emails from Appearance.*/
    remove_submenu_page( 'themes.php', 'bp-emails-customizer-redirect' );
    /*Remove Manage Signups*/
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  • Any suggestions? Really need to get this working.


  • Hello,
    I have a custom user meta field which is a staff label field. For people with “staff” capability, they can go to their profile in WP admin and enter some text for a label such as “Lead Developer, Writer, Support, etc. I would like to output this label on BBPress profile but cannot figure out how to do it. I am using the currently displ…[Read more]

  • Hello,

    For now, I have hid the menu with CSS until I can find a cleaner solution. BuddyPress adds way to many links to the Admin especially considering the fact I don’t need BuddyPress registration features, they are just there and cannot be disabled for whatever reason.

    Thanks for any help. 🙂

  • Hello,

    I am using the latest version of WordPress and BuddyPress. I am using the Theme My Login plugin to modify all my emails, I would like to hide the Emails menu from Appearance and the Emails sub menu. Can someone please guide me in doing this? I tried following along with this with not much…[Read more]

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