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  • All fixed, thank you Timothy.

  • Aliceembroid posted an update in the group Creating & Extending: 8 years ago

    Hi, Can anyone tell me how I can minimize the replies to topics posted on my buddypress site. I am getting heaps of new members and the topics become very long. I have done a search and I can’t find the answer.
    I also want to allow members to add tags to theirs and others posts so that people can find topics more easily.
    My site is here.…[Read more]

    • Ok this is getting frustrating. I am sure there is a very simple answer to my questions, but I have googled, search this forum, tweated and facebooked my question and been through 10 pages of buddypress plugins . Surely someone must know how I can do these things.

  • Aliceembroid posted on the forum topic Hide profile field in the group Creating & Extending: 8 years ago

    I found this thread and it looks like exactly what I need to stop users real names from displaying in there profile. the problem is I cannot find the file /members/single/profile/profile-loop.php
    can someone point me in the right direction. is it in buddypress pluggin or in wordpress main files?

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