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  • Angie Meeker


    Ugh. Run. Fast.

    Offer to hand over everything you’ve already completed for somewhere between $15K – 20K, then run like a bat outta hell. Asynaptic is spot on. This client is trying to eat you for lunch.

    And listen, you have to hear this. Offer to give him/her what you’ve already built and up to two days training on how to use it, then leave. Walk away. Go work for people who don’t make you FEEL like this person is making you FEEL. Don’t hang around this person, picking up their scraps. And do this now while you’re just starting out in your career. Get comfortable with the idea that you can pick who you work with, and that you’ve got a badass skill that deserves respect (and money).

    Angie Meeker


    Hi – thanks for the replies. Here’s where I’ve gotten so far:

    The BP Resume Page is fine now (I played with its css a bit) .

    But the BuddyPress Portfolio are still looking and acting completely separate from the theme.

    I just can’t get my head around where to start with it yet. I’m a little bit new to BuddyPress, so I’d like to understand how the BP specific plugins can work in conjunction with the themes and BP. The BP plugin authors have the option to build out their templating and css independent of the theme (of course, that makes sense)? So then if I’m working with one of those (like this BP Portfolio), how do I retain the templating and CSS that is important to the plugin while telling the plugin to use the overarching BuddyPress theming of the theme? It’s not JUST a matter of CSS changes in the plugin, I assume?

    Kind of talking outloud here, I know. Not even sure of the question to ask, to be honest!

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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