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One reason these chat platforms are less exciting than a night in a club is because it’s much easier to meet people in smaller, more personal spaces. Many singles find it’s harder to meet people in public settings. Online dating sites are often much more personal because the anonymity of chat platforms shields people from the judgment of complete strangers. As one Internet dating chat client said, “It’s much easier to meet people in smaller chat rooms. You get to know the person before you talk to them face to face.”

What about feelings other than” Likes,” “Dislikes” and “FCs”? One dating expert says some online daters get a little “personality shock” when they realize how different their “romance” might actually be from that of another single dating “freak”. In a nutshell, most online daters do not feel like they have common ground with one another. They are used to meeting others exclusively through their work or Internet access.

This lack of familiarity creates the potential for dating disaster. Imagine meeting someone in an Internet cafe, who has nothing in common with you. A simple dating app could solve this problem, but only if it is safe. That’s why most dating sites offer safe browsing options and encourage daters to meet someone using these apps, rather than in a potentially dangerous environment.

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