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  • Hi, i am desperatly trying to modify my install so that the buddypress “group” search has access to the group plus fields?

    Is there an easy way to go about this? Even just a kick in the right direction will help.


  • Does anyone know of a simple “listings” plugin i can use as a classifieds ads system, that is combatible with buddypress?

    I only want to be able to show a title, description, price. And it to be linked to the buddypress user or group? No payment methods or anything fancy. Just a list.

    Im a php programmer but have no experience or never have…[Read more]

  • Hi, first time here so Hello to all. At work i have a reseller account with Heart internet which i used to “test” out buddypress for my own use. After which i decided it was great and went with my personal preference of hosting choice “pixel internet” which i know are a “reseller” for heart internet too, so i know im basically with heart internet…[Read more]

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