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  • I have BP 1.7.1 installed on the most up to date version of WP.

    I am new to BP.

    I have only a need for Activity and Member pages. There isn’t a need for the Blog page and it isn’t in the Menu of the site however if you go to the page still shows. How do I get rid of this page? I deleted it from the Pages Admin area and it still…[Read more]

  • Ok got it. I went through the process again but this time copied the code and entered that into the Activation page, it worked. I see the difference, I just didn’t notice it before because the link was working so well—so it’s more like a backup as you say. Thanks Henry.

  • Total newby question here, but I think it’s a good one. What is the Activation page for if the Registration page takes care of registering a new member? Intuitively I was expecting an activation code to be sent to the email address I used to register as a member, to then be entered into the Activation page. Does the Activation page require a…[Read more]

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