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Ashley Davis

About Me

I’m a different type of person. I love to help others and genuinely pass along the best information possible to see others succeed or obtain a goal. I love to write, cook, work with computers, create websites and designs, and learn new things. My current habit is CSS and we design. I have a social site underway which I have just started to mention to the world. I plan to use my talents in computer skills combined with my love for helping others and making the world a better and more inspiring place. Hopefully bringing the world together and understanding that we can succeed together if we work together.

Website URL

Current Location

Junction City, KS

WordPress Origin Story

Well I was looking for a way to begin blogging, and I purchased my domain through While using GoDaddy. I used the WordPress editing options, but I was not satisfied with pricing and services through GoDaddy. I decided to cut out GoDaddy altogether and go directly through WordPress. Although I use for my sites, I love the totality and amazing service from both and customer service. WordPress has been pivotal in the creation of my websites.

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