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  • @travel-junkie Hi.
    i am a fan of BP, and have created a free platform for my industry which is been part of 198 members now, as to add on few more things i need ur both Plugin, Job Board & BuddyVents, for which i really dont have money too pay you for that, is there any free verson which i can use for it… Please Mail me if you have any of it at…[Read more]

  • @kunalb Kunal, the Event Plugin is really g8, Can i modify the View Page, as i want all the details like, Location, Time, Date and Details in single page.

    Also, can the Location be divided in 3 section, Venue Name, Street, Area, City etc.. and adding Venue Contact No, Website can be added help.

    • @Bhattpankaj This won’t be that easy. You could have a look at controllers/wp.php and see the hooks I’ve used to save event meta data and add custom functions to those to save the additional details; website etc. Then you’d have to remove the default metabox for event meta details and add your own.

      By view page, do you mean the events directory…[Read more]

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