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  • Hi, so because of my lack of experiences with code and BP, the Codex instructions seems quite complicated. Are there any other ways I can move the content from one domain to another?

  • Hi BuddyPress,

    I’ve been researching and learning about building a BP site- however the domain name I want is at an auction where the seller made clear to me that he won’t select the bid until the auction ends 3 months from now.

    My question is – will I be able to purchase a domain name and start tweaking/building my BuddyPress site and then 3…[Read more]

  • blastblast replied to the topic Hosting in the forum BuddyPress Hosting 5 years ago

    but aren’t you putting the cart before the horse? I mean, when you grow to that size you can then re-evaluate your hosting options and move, if necessary to a better one

    asynaptic, thank for your input.

    And Yes, I suppose I am putting the cart before the horse a bit. However, like I said I am not as well versed with codes or technical t…[Read more]

  • blastblast started the topic Hosting in the forum BuddyPress Hosting 5 years ago

    Hi, I’m looking to launch a buddypress site though I have quite few technical knowledge regarding programming and such. I am looking to learn however I have been stuck on the initial step of picking a host.

    I am undecided between Bluehost, HostGator (both around $10/month) and Media Temple ($20/month)
    – I’m not sure which to pick because I…[Read more]

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