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  • S posted a new activity comment 11 years, 5 months ago

    @bMunch, the problems reported by you should be fixed with version 0.1.3.
    Please check it and report back if something persists.


    • i’ll test it out this weekend.

      do you want feedback or is that annoying?

      if you’d like it i can QA the plugin pretty heavily and give detailed feedback with screencasts/screenshots/etc. if it’s helpful.

      i understand as well if it’s not something you want to deal with at this time. could be helpful though as part of a documentation…[Read more]

      • Actually any feedback is welcomed, here or on the forums.
        I’m more interested in bugs, if there are any, so please report anything you find.

  • @bmunch Your suggestion (groups can be created only by users of a certain level) would be much easier to implement than true moderation of group creation. You’d just have to wrap some of the “create a group” elements in the UI in a if ( current_user_can() ) check, and maybe add a few such checks at […]

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