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  • I changed the DB pass through php my admin for security and backup reasons. Everything else I left alone. What factors of what files should I look for irregularities in?

    Thank you for the promt reply Boone, it is appreciated.

    I’ve already changed it in those two locations.

    The exact error is upon attempted upload of a group avatar (which previously worked) it will attempt to crop and then post the image that posts a 404 at both the cropping and finished stages.

    Buddypress has no problem creating the path to the 404ed image but it cannot seem to locate anything uploaded. The only changes to the source code of buddypress I have made were done after these problems started so they can be ruled out. It started with the changing of the database password which was properly changed in both of those files prior to this. That restored all my features except group avatar uploads.

    What files I have to change the password in now that the database has a new password is the issue. I didn’t forget which files to modify, I never modified those files because I don’t know which ones they are. My question is which files does buddypress store the database password in?

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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