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  • Bucky123 posted an update 11 years ago

    @stevenkword not yet, I have taken the code from groups/single/home.php, put it in a file XXX.php used a plugin called (MaGiKS Proper PHP Include) and I can display all groups activity, but I need to filter it for just one group. I want to have the activity from only one group show on a certain page. I think i need to modify this line (if It will show up)

  • Bucky123 posted an update 11 years ago

    sorry the code didnt go through here it is
    <li class="” id=”activity-“>

  • Bucky123 posted an update in the group How-To and Troubleshooting: 11 years ago

    how can i display the group activity from a specific group. how can i filter this code for a group called “book club” or is there a better way. thanks for any help.

    <li class="” id=”activity-“>

    <a href="”>

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