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  • I deleted the database table bp_core_widgets_welcome and then let BuddyPress/Wordpress rebuild it when I created a new welcome message. Works perfectly now.

    Did that…even went so far as to delete all buddypress files and then copy them back in from my original download, since I hadn’t spent a lot of time modifying the site yet. Do you happen to know if the info stored in the Welcome widget is stored in a database table? Which one?

    LOL…sorry…the Welcome widget hates me. Still just saves the first character of the “Welcome Text” block as the entry for both the title and welcome text.

    No, nothing has worked so far. Deleted object-cache, the cache folder, restarted apache, even cleared my browser cache, then logged in and tried to readd the welcome widget…still just 1 character.

    Turbo is off, and I deleted the entire cache folder. I’ve basically replaced it with a text box for the time being…but it is an irritating problem.

    Unfortunately, this didn’t fix the problem. I even removed object-cache.php. Still stuck. :(

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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