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  • Ok, thanks for clarifying guys. I kept the threads open in my browser, painful but it works. :-)

    @mercime: Ok. I didn’t know that, thanks for pointing it out. I’m not actually using a multisite install though. I might do in the future, so I’ll move the site just to be on the safe side. I’m baffled by the half page of HTML I see as a logged in user. :-)

    @mercime: Thanks for responding. I mean WordPress is in a different directory than the homepage, as per this. You’re absolutely right, for anonymous users it shows a blank page. As a logged in user it shows me this.

    I put two links as HTML in this, hopefully they’re displayed as such… :-)

    Hola Magi182,

    Did you have any luck with this? I’d like to duplicate the Pages widget because on the BP theme I want it on the front page and on my blog sidebar. They’re never shown at the same time, but I only have one copy of each widget. :-(

    If I find a solution I’ll try to remember to post back here. I don’t think I can email subscribe to this thread though, so I may lose track of it in the winds of time. Feel free to send me a PM chaser… :-)

    Be well – Callum.

    @John James Jacoby: You could use the new blog defaults idea to set the widgets for all new blogs. Disabling the menus is pretty easy via a plugin. If you wanted to be secure you’d probably also need a quick check in the wp-admin interface to ensure that users don’t stumble upon the theme / widgets pages. You could easily redirect them if they did.

    That would provide a pretty consistent experience without having to re-code the sidebar.

    Ooh, or even simpler, oh yes, this is genius. Hook into the pre get option call and replace the sidebar-widgets option with the sidebar widgets from another blog. So you could either use the sidebar widgets from your primary blog (ie blog id 1) or another blog that you could maintain for just that purpose. Then you have one central place to manage the widgets, and they’re automatically modified across all your blogs. Nice. :-)

    Let me know (PM, I probably won’t see replies on this thread) if you need any pointers with the code. I could probably whip something up or at least give you the core function calls to investigate.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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