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Top Laser Measuring Tools to Use

Professional projects require high precision, and accuracy when it comes to the measurements. If you are planning to buy a laser measuring tool to bring perfection and professionalism in your work but, you are confused about what model you should choose, then here we are to help you in this regard. 

Today we are discussing some of the best laser measure devices that can support your projects and are loaded with features. These are easy to use and versatile to make you comfortable at the job site. 

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Top Laser Measuring Tools Reviews


  • Tacklife HD60 Classic Laser Measure:


This device is accurate and easy to use especially for beginners who are looking for automatic features to simplify the work. Tacklife is a well-known brand that manufactures durable devices to make measurements up to the mark.


❖The LCD screen of Tacklife HD60 has come up with backlight so you can check the settings in visible light. It can measure up to 196ft and consist of two bubble levels.

❖The other features of this laser distance measure include data memory, an automatic shut down without operation, and automatic calculation of area and volume.

❖Tacklife HD60 is inexpensive and affordable for all the people who are beginners. It works on one-button operation so you can simply press it, and the device will start functioning.


  • Leica Disto D2 Laser Distance Measure:


The design of Leica Disto D2 is suitable for working in rough weather, and it’s durable enough to last for years. It is loaded with advanced features, and once you start using it, it will never cease to amaze you with its performance.


❖This device is Bluetooth compatible, and it can save about 10 recent measurements in memory. The operating temperature of this device is also impressive.

❖It’s IP54 rated that means the device will prevent dust, debris, and rain from entering into the device. The delicate parts of the device will be safe from any kind of environmental damage.

❖Leica Disto D2 laser measure has a sleek and slim design so you can travel anywhere, and results by this device are accurate.


  • Bosch GLM20 Compact Laser Measuring Tool:


Bosch is known as one of the premium brands that has specialized in manufacturing the perfect devices that are easy to use and save your time from long procedures. The instant measurements by these devices will help you in attempting more projects with perfection.


❖Bosch GLM20 is a compact laser level that has come up with a backlit display for visible screen and has real-time measurement mode to bring perfection in your work.

❖This laser measuring tool has a one-button design, so you don’t have to go through the difficulty of operating it. This device can measure up to 65 ft of distance.

❖This device allows you to be productive at work, and it’s durable enough to last for years, even if you are working on major projects through it. 

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  • Lexivon LX-201 2 in 1 Laser Measuring Tool:


Lexivon laser measuring tool is a digital tool that provides a comfortable and user-friendly environment to speed up the work. It also works on the single-button operation and is innovative when it comes to the features and other functions.


❖ Lexivon LX-201 laser measuring tool has come up with a smooth single button operation that can measure long distances with ease. It also has a large LCD to read the numbers even in low light.❖ The battery life of this laser measuring tool is reliable, and it can work for a long time. It also has auto-off technology, so when the device is not in use, it will be shut down.

❖ You don’t have to worry about the accuracy and visibility as this versatile and productive device can work in bright light conditions.


  • DTape DT100 Laser Measuring Tool


Dtape is a suitable model for all the beginners out there, who are looking for something easy to operate as well as inexpensive. You can start attempting any of the projects with the help of this device.


❖ Dtape DT100 laser measuring tool is equipped with backlit LED to keep an eye on settings and measurements.

❖ This device can store about 20 recent measurements and has come up with auto laser power off.  It is powered by a battery and can work for a long time.

❖ Based on the given measurements, this device can calculate the area and volume of the laser measure. The measuring range of the laser level is about 328ft.


  • Acegmet Laser Measuring Tool


This device is manufactured by using high-quality material and, when you are working on professional projects, it can provide high accuracy and precision. It can work in almost any kind of temperature without going through the traditional process of taking measurements.


❖Acegmet laser measuring tool can measure about 229ft of distance, as well as it is suitable for large commercial buildings and other major projects.

❖This device has come up with2” LCD that can work in low light and, it can store about 20 of the recent measurements in memory. Silicone buttons of this device are easy to press and make it easy to operate.

❖It has dual bubble levels that help in obtaining accuracy and precision from the device. It also has come up with a dust bag to protect the device from dust and other factors.


If you were looking for the top laser measure  and were unable to find the right model for yourself, then here we are, and now you can choose any of the models from the above-mentioned devices. These devices are efficient and smart in performance as well as you will be satisfied with the coverage. The impressive range and consistency of the measuring tools are up to the mark. From basic to advance, these devices are loaded with features.

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