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  • CTS_AE


    I have Version 1.8.1

    Isn’t that patch only for the admin panel stuff it sounds like?
    My times were incorrect on the activity widget, so I went deep to fix the activity problem I was having.



    I know this thread is old, but I want to help those that are in the same boat as I am in while searching for this issue on Google, I hope it is also pertinent to this thread fully as I believe these issues are linked together.

    I was having an issue with this too, where the activity streams on the home page were showing times that are 7 hours off because of GMT time being 7 hours off from me.

    This problem can easily be fixed by setting your WordPress’s main timezone settings to something like -8 instead of the city name ie; Los Angeles.

    But I could not go this route because I’m currently using Ajax Event Calendar plugin, which requires the timezone to be a city name for some weird reason. Thus I had two plugins that wanted two conflicting things.

    This is the fix I came up with that seems to work just fine for me : )
    In buddypress: \bp-core\bp-core-functions.php
    Find: function bp_core_time_since
    Change: $newer_date = ( !$newer_date ) ? strtotime( bp_core_current_time() ) : $newer_date;
    so that bp_core_current_time() becomes bp_core_current_time(false)

    This passes over to the bp_core_current_time() which defaults as true which sets it to automatically handle the activity time differences as GMT instead of your time zone.

    I’m not a WordPress pro but it looked like you could just hook into this function if you wanted to or override it, but this was the route I knew how to take.



    WordPress 3.5.2
    bbPress 2.3.2
    buddyPress 1.8

    Fresh installs on everything
    Theme: Twenty Twelve

    Plugins installed:

    • bbPress
    • BuddyPress
    • NextGEN Gallery
    • Page Links To
Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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