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Claus Wessel

About Me

Hello, my name is Claus Wessel, a senior geezer from Denmark, now 48 yo.

Webdesign is only a hobby to me, and not very good at it, and have absolutely zero creative talent, but having my very own spot in the cloud always fascinated me, where i can do whatever i want and express myself in any way i want. No i can not, but is a nice illusion to have.
My ambitions with my website exceeds by far my actual abilities to do it.

My day job is Cloud / Azure and Office 365 architect, and also working as a Security specialist and advisor ( CCSP / CISSP / GDPR ) is my website, made and designed by a professional for a fixed price with Avada + addons. But i learn by doing.

I used to have a personal website also. and .dk but way too much work
I found a way to also have as my personal site also, which i work on and off – mostlty off – at night and weekend and whenever i have time. You can still reach me on, my original e-mail.

Website URL

Current Location


WordPress Origin Story

I think it all started by Jetpack, which fascinated me alot … is that what you asked?
Well .. when i was asked what kind of website i wanted, i had 2 options .. i don’t remember the other, but chose WordPress. But still a newbee at it, though it fascinates me to have my own little spot in the cloud where i can do whatever i want … No, i can not, but is a nice illusion to have. My ambitions with my website far over rises my abilities to achieve it.

So i am very grateful and thankful for this forum and community, which i also endorse and donate to.

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