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  • @Paul, haha thanks bút it´s probably not a good idea for me to start then.

    @Rob: It should be indeed ;-)

    @Slashmarx: The icons on your site are in a sidebar, I´m looking for a solution for the top menu admin bar.

    Maybe someone else out there who have had the same issue?

    Your help is much appreciated! :-)

    Thanks! I´ll give that a try tomorrow to see if it works, will update (with final url) asap.

    Sorry! am a bit with my head in the clouds today :-)

    Latest WP (3.3) and BP (1.5.2) version
    My website is:

    I´ve moved the Buddypress admin bar with help of the ´Add All Nav Links to BP Adminbar´plugin

    Thanks for your help.

    It´s almost working :-)

    Kind of lost all of the urls that were placed in the admin bar, do you know were I can find them back in my dashboard?

    Looking for the url to go to profile, messages etc.

    You´re a star :-)

    Going to set it up tonight so I can start testing in the morning.

    Thanks for making this plugin, and double thanks for notifing me about it! :-)

    I´ve set the settings to;
    Mode: Admin

    What happens if I don´t tick the boxes in friends only or groups only?
    Could members send to both or none?

    Have you figured this one out? I would like to do the same

    Thanks :-)

    I´ve seen that url already via Google, but it looks way to scary for me (I´m just a beginner).
    Might give it a go via a childtheme before I completely mess things up in my own theme :-)


    Í´ve used the folling plugin to show rss feeds in the activity section;

    YD BuddyPress Feed Syndication

    Is this what you are looking for?



    Beautiful! Thank you so much :-)



    Hi Mercime,

    Thanks for the advice. I´ve checked the validator but could not find anything in regards to divs.

    Here are my Theme´s (Elist) header.php, footer.php, sidebar.php & page.php:



    I´ve copy-pates the page.php html to create header-buddypress.php, footer.php & sidebar.php.
    Maybe that´s whats wrong? Hope you can help :-)

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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