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Citrus fruits naturally contain citric acid, a weak organic acid with the chemical formula C6H8O7. It is a step in the citric acid cycle, which all aerobic organisms go through throughout metabolism. The food and beverage sector uses more than 70% of the more than a million tons of citric acid anhydrous powder produced each year as an acidifier or antioxidant to preserve or improve the flavors and fragrances of fruit juice, ice cream, and marmalades. In addition to monohydrate, which crystallizes in cold water, there are two more forms of citric acid: anhydrous and monohydrate. By heating citric acid monohydrate, one can get anhydrous citric acid. Tradeasia International Pte. Ltd. is a citric acid anhydrous supplier with high-quality citric acid anhydrous in formulas designed to satisfy the shifting citric acid philippines market needs. Our vast distribution network carries all grades, ensures timely, dependable service, and offers thorough documentation to support any certifications your business may want.

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