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  • davidhund


    @Andrea_r actually I thought about that. The thing is, groups offer 80% of my needed functionality (I need to have ‘projects’ in a system that people can ‘subscribe’ to and discuss in a Forum). What I miss is the functionality of being able to add more content to ‘projects’ (groups): they can have ‘Documents’ through the Group Documents plugin, I can review/rate them through the Group Review/Like plugin, but I need to be able to have more (subpages) of content, with e.g. images etc. Indeed: like a regular Blog post or Page. Using those, though, would not give me all the Group functionality.

    That’s why I though @dwenaus‘ Group Pages plugin will be perfect.

    I am quite new to BP so maybe you or @dwenaus have a better way to deal with this than Groups or know of a good plugin?



    Hi @dwenaus This seems an excellent plugin. I am just starting out with BP for a client project and one of my requirements is to extend ‘groups’ to have more ‘content’, preferaby sub-‘pages’. At the moment I am using the bp-wiki plugin but it seems, indeed, a bit limited.

    To me it would be a great to be able to attach regular (sub-) ‘pages’ or ‘posts’ to groups and I would happily donate some money.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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