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  • Sounds good! I would sift through the code and attempt to fix it myself but I’m working on something else at the moment. Let us know what to fix when you figure it out.

    aHa! So the problem arises when the login name is different than the user name. I just checked the user list and we are the only two members with different user names than our login. So if the login and username do not match … the gift is not sent to their activity stream. Definitely something you might want to look into.

    Hrmmm…. I can’t pinpoint the problem.

    Weird that gifts don’t show in either of our activity streams when someone sends one to us. Everyone else properly receives the gifts.

    Any gifts sent to me (admin) or this one specific user don’t show under gifts.

    We still receive gift notification … and it shows that the gift was sent but under our gift screen it still says no gifts have been received.

    Very promising plugin. A few issues I’ve found ….

    The code to remove the “high-five” notification was commented out.

    Gifts sent to my admin account don’t show under Gifts. This is happening for one of my users as well. Gifts sent to him or myself simply don’t show. It stills shows in the user activity stream who sent the gift however.

    Most members aren’t going to think of placing their site in the description.

    I might just end up doing this myself considering it shouldn’t be real difficult.

    Just an update … the header was displaying the bbpress avatar because I re-copied the BuddyPress folder and forgot to re-edit the bp-core-avatar.php.

    I still can’t call bp-core directly but I DID get bp avatars to work inside bbpress by using a different buddy press function.

    I simply edited post.php in my bbpress theme directory, Replaced <?php post_author_avatar_link(); ?> with <?php bp_loggedin_user_avatar( ‘width=48&height=48’ ) ?>

    Works perfectly.

    What’s weird as well is the fact that the avatar in my header changes to the avatar from bbpress when I got to the forum.

    Yet the header.php calls bp_loggedin_user_avatar(). How on earth is the header pulling the bbpress avatar when it’s calling the function to get the BP avatar?

    I mean … the header isn’t even part of bbpress yet it’s pulling the bbpress avatar?

    Tried including bp-core-avatars.php as well. Still nothing.

    Anyone have an idea as to WHY BuddyPress functions can’t be accessed outsides of WP even with proper integration?

    Already tried that as well. I’m not able to call ANY bp functions outside of wordpress for some reason.

    I don’t know why WordPress can access the BP functions but not bbpress though.

    There are no references to BP inside wp-blog-header.php or wp-loader.php. Which explains why I can’t access the functions.


    Already tried it ….

    WordPress functions I add in bbpress work … Buddypress functions don’t.

    Deep integration isn’t working for me for some reason … or at least I can’t access BP functions. WordPress functions work fine. (I use get_header(); with success)

    Doh! I forgot to disable BuddyPress before doing it. I think that caused my problem.

    I’m now able to upload avatars AND still have a workable Media Library.

    Here’s my steps:

    – Disable Buddy Press

    – In Dashboard > Settings > Miscellaneous :

    Store uploads in this foler: wp-content/uploads

    Full URL path to files:

    – Make the already mentioned edits in bp-core-avatars.php

    – Activate BuddyPress

    Both avatars and media library worked for me.

    This was working when I did an automated install from my server host … then upgraded wordpress through the dash.

    I was having issue so I did a manual install of the latest WordPress / BuddyPress. When doing it this way my site no longer becomes viewable right after modifying and uploading the new bp-core-avatar file.

    Site just goes to blank screen with not even a hint of an html header. Weird thing as well …. the bp-core-avatar file seems to expand! It keeps getting larger and larger.

    I then have to delete and re-copy the BuddyPress folder in order for the site to show again.

    Just an update … It doesn’t appear I have any “My Blogs” capability.

    No blogs are created.

Viewing 18 replies - 1 through 18 (of 18 total)
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