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How to draw up drawings in a diploma

When writing a thesis, you must pay attention to visual material – applications. Each application is drawn up according to special requirements, which are indicated in the requirements and methodological instructions of the university. If you follow all the rules, at the end you will receive a well-designed work that will inspire confidence in the commission.

What applications are related to drawingsDrawings are not only pictures and photographs; drawings are usually referred to as diagrams, diagrams and graphs.

And their design is carried out according to a single principle of design of drawings in the thesis. Therefore, before making out any applications, it is important to study all the requirements that are specified in the requirements and guidelines of the university. The design of the work is carefully checked at the defense, so you should not let everything take its course.

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How to draw up drawings in a diplomaPictures must be placed in applications. This is due to their size, as illustrations often take up more than half of an A4 page. Each new picture must be placed on a new page, no need to try to cram all applications onto one sheet. Leave “air” to keep apps from looking cluttered.

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