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  • @boonebgorges Thanks for the info.

    @derekbolden I know that the integration of bbp and bp isn’t 100%, but I’m sure stuff like that will be sorted in new updates.

  • posted an update 10 years ago

    @derekbolden Hi Derek,

    Just upgraded a test version to WordPress 3.0. First impression is not bad. Everything seems to work OK.

    You have to make a few edits to config and htaccess:

    Warning! WordPress encrypts user cookies, but you must add the following lines to wp-config.php for it to be more secure.
    Before the line /* That’s all, stop…[Read more]

    • Hey what plugins are you using? Are you using BP Events? I have soo many I am really worried I will screw my site all up.

      • replied 10 years ago

        I would try it on a test installation first! I do use many plugins, some integrated in my theme. Everything still looks OK.

        I don’t use BP Events. I don’t trust those ambitious BP-specific plugins for events, galleries, etc. The BP foundation is just too shaky. I use mature WordPress plugins or external scripts and plan to integrate them over…[Read more]

  • posted an update 10 years ago

    @derekbolden Hi Derek,

    I see you have the same 1.1.3 dilemma. I’m not a programmer. I use BP on a number of projects, and others.

    My priority in the short term will be to integrate what I have so far with the event management plugin and streamline the user experience in my custom theme, including more front-end posting where…[Read more]

    • I hear you and it seems like we have no choice but to try and do some things on our own at this point. Too many BP revisions breaking too many things for little or no reason. it has just made the whole thing a mess IMHO. I have a community with plugins and functionality that will be all messed up at this point if I upgrade. Uggh!

      Let me…[Read more]

  • I sort of got it working @derekbolden. But needed to do much in the way of some css stuff, and a few other minor changes. Hopefully that was not because I have the Hybrid theme. I do not have calendars working. and I have not worked out how the forum integration works. But check out my […]

  • Maybe you will find this info from the Google SoC site interesting @derekbolden: Student Name: Kunal Bhalla Mentor Name: John Jacoby Title: Events Plugin for WordPress and BuddyPress Abstract: Events have become an integral part of Social Networking; this plugin would also be useful for – allowing people to handle WordCamp…[Read more]

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