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Dionizio Bach | DJIO

About Me

My name is Dionizio Bach, aka DJIO (you can say it like Geo), and I started to deal with computers in 1987, and professionally with graphic arts in 1991. Back then, I was focused on Desktop Publishing and Multimedia Production, and also teaching people about those things.

In 1995, I started to use macOS, and just after that got into the Internet business as a Web Designer. A little bit later I started to experiment with VR technologies and immersive media.

On the development/programming skils I started in 1989 programing in Basic for fun. In 1997 I’ve discovered the power of FileMaker Pro for Desktop and Web systems and since 2004 I’m developing with PHP and MySQL. I also “speak” Javascript, ActionScript, and other minor programming languages.

In 2006 I started to use WordPress, which I found to be the best CMS framework for SEO and customer usability. Since then, I constantly help the WP community translating the core, plugins, and themes to Brazilian Portuguese (pt_BR) and speak about translation on my blog and also WP events, like Meetups and WordCamps.

I keep constantly learning about technology and marketing tendencies, I’m the founder of “Digital Empowerment” school to help local entrepreneurs to start using online tools in their businesses.

I’m an expert in WordPress Speed Optimization, SEO, Digital Inbound Marketing, Multimedia tools and Immersive 360 Apps (Photography/Video/VR).

√ WordPress PTE for pt_BR
√ Certified RD Station Partner
√ WooRank Certification
√ English Level C2 Proficiency Certification
√ Google Local Guide (Level 7)
√ Google Trusted Photographer
√ IVRPA member.

Website URL

Current Location

Curitiba, PR, Brazil

WordPress Origin Story

Back in 2006 I was working as PHP Developer at a company in Brazil. Our goal was to build a CMS with a collection of design templates to sell as monthly/anual plans. Quite similar to several others avaliable today, including

In our R&D process, we came accross to a bunch of existing CMSs to use as reference and inspiration. To me, WordPress stood out of the pack. Using it, and learning how to customize it, helped me to be a better developer.

My real passion is in UX, and how to make a powerful tool available to my country in my native language. Once again, WordPress proved to be a pioneer in localization and ease of use for non-techies.

Since I’ve found WordPress, I soon discovered the power of it’s comunity and fell in love with it. My collaborations came in form of translations and documentation for my people. I’ve also had the oportunity to be WordCamp Speaker and talk to developers about the importance of i18n and l10n. With the help of other translators, we got to be heard and to make a real difference in the WP community wordwide.

I see the Brazilan polyglots team to grow in number and quality every year. I really love to be part of this movement.




Job Title



Music and Cinema
Internet and communications.
Multimedia production
360 Photography and Videos
Multicultural experiences

WordPress Usage

Personal, Business




Contributor Teams

Documentation Team, Polyglots Team

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