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  • Wait, the privacy thread has been shut. Does that mean we need to develop our own privacy component? @djpaul

    • It’s been shut because some people were beginning to get rude. If you, or anyone else, wants to write a plugin that provides privacy settings, there is and has never been anything stopping you. I may even be interested in collaborating on such a thing with someone.

      • I think one of the failures of Jeff was not doing it in steps, and releasing as it went along. Even simple profile blocking is enough to get going.

        I’m more than willing to help out in anyway I can as I’m sure other will be too. If need be i’ll get a kickstarter / donation going to drum up some incentive. But I think people will want something…[Read more]

      • I’ve often thought it’d be a fun experiment to see if Kickstarter funding was viable for WordPress plugin development, but you need to have an American (bank? Amazon?) account to start projects. I’ve just spotted, however, which is a UK/European one.

      • Oops — sorry @modemlooper — my fat fingers accidently deleted your comments, sorry 🙁

        In reply to your ‘missing’ reply, anyone can sign up but to start a project you have to be US-based (

        Donations, paypal or otherwise, don’t work for funding plugin development full-stop.…[Read more]

        • kickstarter is for not developing until a certain amount is met then you start. I think privacy is way past due to wait for such a thing. To do a kickstarter you’d have to specifically list what the end result would be so people can judge if it’s worthwhile to invest. Different ways to go about it. Jeff sold early access to beta versions.

          • I know, but it might work. I’ve not seen the approach tried for WordPress plugins or themes before. Either way, the earliest I could possibly start due to holidays and other commitments would be in at least a month’s time, so it’d be a question of availability, too.

        • Also, I could set up a support forum and sell that to fund the plugin.

          • What is your estimate for the amount of funding needed to get the privacy controls coded?

            • Who knows, I just want to get something started. It would be up too who ever is developing it. My wish is it be added to core but since everyone is basically a volunteer their RL work comes first and these types of things get pushed to the back and then sadly never get accomplished.

  • Interesting to know, and not surprised given the slow development. Really, who cares what the “vision” is, and what the “future goal is” – there was a vision and goal when this thing started, and buddypress does not include the functionality that the initial “vision” or “roadmap” had advertised. It’s broken, and now I guess […]

  • Djsteve posted an update in the group Requests & Feedback: 13 years, 3 months ago

    Initial view options for groups, community, profile, etc.
    I wonder if we could have view options for the admin to change defaults with buddypress main pages.. like theme options – I would like to set the default view to forum instead of “hom” for groups.. I would like to change the default view of profile to be profile, and not activity.. and…[Read more]

  • Has anyone made any progress with this? Will we have buddypress checking for banned email domains soon? Will we have buddypress checking for banned domains upon registration and perhaps even again upon activation? Can someone please add the possibility to add *.info in a way that works I know this won’t stop all spam and […]

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