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  • djsteveo


    @jconti – glad you jumped into this thread!

    The simplest thing would be a basic report this button that could appear next to all content displayed with a buddypress install. As mentioned above sending an email to the superadmin with the referring url would be nice.. added functionality has been discussed up above that would make this even better.

    I’d like to mention here, although it probably deserves it’s own thread, it would be a good idea to give users and option to ‘block user’ or auto-ignore / bozo other users.. this way people who may not get their account deleted for not violating rules after a report – could be blocked from having their pms show up, or activity show to the other user who wanted to block them.

    Combining the “report this” with an option to further “block all content (pms, activity stream messages, group posts, etc) – from appearing while user A is logged in.. that would make buddypress much more professional and user friendly.



    @naijaping – thanks for taking the time to look into / test that other abuse plugin and providing some feedback. Sounds like some good ideas working in there! (and good luck with your bp theme, if it’s not based on bootstrap, I’d love to test it out! (the bootstrap based bp themes all fail when used in combination with rtmedia’s bp-media in my experience)

    – thank you for mentioning this one! It does look like that plugin was made for the exact kind of thing that we are talking about here! Looks like it is old outdated code though, since it’s in the wp depository, I assume someone could fork it and fix it up to work with current wp / bp.. or at least look at the code to see if there is anything in there that would help a new plugin do more.

    Now I am scratching my head as to why I did not stumble across that one in all by google searches, searches, and searches. Hmmm. The name is very similar to another bp plugin I used ages ago that set up moderation for all new members, not allowing them to post certain things until they were manually approved – that one was awesome for a while, but then started to break with newer bp versions.

    Anyhow, it looks like this kind of thing has been attempted, but there is nothing that is compatible with current versions (completely it seems).

    and yeah “there‚Äôs no way an admin can go round reading everything on a busy site” – is driving me crazy now that my buddypress site has started to get busy on a daily basis.



    Good suggestions Henry. I would love to see something like this put together, and would be willing to donate a few bucks to the development if it was released in gpl or whatever into the wordpress plugin directory.

    Ultimately it would be nice if the button had a backend options setting, where you could check off “superadmin get an email?
    admins get an email?
    specific email addy or list of addys that should be notified?

    This kind of plugin would give community admins some crowdsourced help!

    I would imagine advanced versions of this could include a popup box that had a few pre-canned “reasons” for the flag user, and form space for adding a non-canned note to it, that could be included in any emails.. and if the url that the button was clicked on could be included it may help to sort out if it was a picture post, something that appeared on the activity stream, words in a profile – etc.

    Love to see this button available and be easily added to certain places around the buddypress site – I am sure some people would prefer a “report this” button to show up next to each and every activity / status update, and on each profile page, sub page, group, etc..

    I also imagine some people would prefer an option for the button to simply be an icon, like the font awesome warning icon.. something that could be styled in different colors.. and when hover over it, it’s title tag says”report content to admins” or something..

    I really think this would help a lot of the BP communities that are running!

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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