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  • @dpolant I would like to use this on a live site
    but I notice you have not updated in 9 months and
    the plugin is still in beta.
    Please let us know if anything is happening or if you have abandoned this project?
    Dan V

  • @dpolant Hi Dpolant, checked out your music when I was searching for the author of Bp Group control, nice work:)

    I have 2 questions- I am moving my .asp site to WP/BP and am interested in your Bp Groups control.
    1) can I use this plugin with WP 3.0.1 and BP
    2) would the plugin enable me to pre-assign members to…[Read more]

    • Thanks for checking out my music!

      to answer your questions …
      1) bp-group-control should work with 3.0.1, although it hasn’t been tested beyond 3.0. Definitely compatible with bp 1.2
      2) plugin doesn’t do this, would be a good feature though.

  • @dpolant hi i found ur website and thought u cud help me. here is my doubt.

    We have groups in buddypress which has Profile, Members, Forum in different tabs right??

    every time we click on these tabs (for example forum in groups) the page loads whole and goto the forums page.

    I do not want like this. I want the feature facebook having. When a…[Read more]

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