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  • sorry for the late reply. Living in Oklahoma City right now means computer is off a lot.

    Will clear the sub-domain and re-install WP. And then add BP to it. I saw elsewhere you suggested the 2010 or that line so will go with that. Will let you know how it goes. I have for the first time been having issues with Dreamhost unfortunately.

    Thanks…[Read more]

  • I am trying to install BP 1.7.2 on WP 3.5.1 with 2012 currently up. This blog is a test blog to revamp my main site, a subdomain. So no fancy plugins yet. Any plug ins I need? I have never used Buddy Press before. I have been using WP for several years.

    If need be I can wipe the domain clean and do a clean install of WP and try again. Any help…[Read more]

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