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  • ecogpast


    Thank you for further discussion. BuddyPress has a built-in custom link that it offers to populate into menus so that people who are logged out can log in. That custom link goes to the default wp-login.php. That is part of BuddyPress for sure. It has the nice capability of only being present if someone is logged out, so I don’t want to forgo that nice BuddyPress feature. If I uninstall BuddyPress it goes away. However, for security reasons I have changed my login URL, so I just want to set the BuddyPress custom link to match. This is why I am seeking help, as it is a BuddyPress feature and problem I need help with. Thanks!



    Thank you for responding. BuddyPress has two sets of menu items it can add: “Logged-in” links and “Logged-out” links. The menu option to log in falls into the latter set, because people have to be logged out to then log in 😉 Anyway, I cannot see a way to edit that custom link from within the Appearance -> Menus part of the admin panel.I can change the label, but not the URL. Do you know a way to change that URL?

    I guess I could create my own custom link in the menu admin panel, but then it will be on for all users whether they are logged in or not. That’s not desirable. The goal is to have BuddyPress’ capability.

    What do you think? Thanks!

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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