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  • I would also like to sync the two profiles because the Members-Search Function only searches in the Table wp_bp_xprofile_data. The function “xprofile_sync_bp_profile” only inserts the $user->display_name from the “wp_users” into the default field “name” in the table “wp_bp_xprofile_data”. The user-nicename of the wp-profile could be the fullname or the login-name or only the firstname. This is not enough information for a good search result.It should also be searched for the real first, last name and login_name of the user.

    In the Template-File members-loop-php I inserted the following Code at the top of the file:


    if ( bp_ajax_querystring( ‘members’ ) ==””)
    $queryString = “type=alphabetical&action=alphabetical&page=1”;
    else {
    $queryString = bp_ajax_querystring( ‘members’ );


Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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