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  • EllsWeb


    Yes, there does seem to be a few issues.
    While buddypress is claiming that there isn’t a need to network activate, making it work on a subsite doesn’t seem to be as easy as one might expect. I haven’t figured out how to get past the permissions thing on subsite, but network activating in the base site also doesn’t seem to connect to the subsites. They don’t seem to know buddypress is activated. Kind of frustrating, but when someone shares the secrets with the rest of us, it will be quite a nice install, I presume..

    Also, with themes that are compatible with v1.56, are they still compatible with 1.6? Or do the new files need to be moved to the theme directory to make everything work right? I ask these questions because of the problem I seem to be having with not being able to find buddypress profile from the subsites.. I am being directed to the WordPress profile, not buddypress, from the subsites.



    What is absolutely amazing to me is the arrogance of the dev’s of buddypress to ignore the desires of those using the plugin.

    I find that there are a good number of people who either don’t like or just don’t want the @mentions. Yet, nobody will step up and at least code in an option to turn it off.

    It’s very frustrating to have to hack something that should be so easily coded into buddypress to allow people to turn this feature off. It isn’t cute, it is distracting and it is an annoyance to have to explain. Is it really that the dev’s of buddypress don’t care what users think? They seem to be completely out of touch with what should be allowed in this plugin.. It’s hard enough to get this plugin to work at all with certain themes. Why can’t we have the simple option to check a box and turn these ridiculous @mentions off?…

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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