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    I have the same issue. That looks like a basic functionnality. Surprisingly, the situation of amember of group posting a note does not appear. Do I have to create a ‘situation’ ? And how can I do that ?
    Best regards

    I used to work with the Atahualpa theme. I have been unable to use it with BuddyPress then moved to a home made child theme of the bd-default. I’d be glad to see there is a way to do this as Atahualpa is definitly a very achieved tool for wp users.

    Many thanks.

    Dear mercime,
    Your solution works fine.
    But the BP admin bar does not follow this width instruction. I’d like it having the same width.
    Looking forward to encoding the sidebar and adminbar width.

    Works fine. Many thanks

    Thanks. For the sidebar something like 250 would be OK.

    Many thanks it works fine.

    I made many changes. I probably did both. Now you know the problem, do you know a solution ?
    (I use a very basic structure : WordPress, BussyPress, bd-default theme and Private BuddyPress.)

    This is probably not a BuddyPress specific issue. You can solve it in WordPress.
    You first create a blank page with a title and nothing. Let’s say the title is ‘This is my blog’
    You go to ‘Settings’ and ‘Reading’ then select ‘a static page’ in the ‘Front page display’. You select the Front Page you want to appear first. Then for the posts page you select ‘This is my blog’.

    Many thanks but nothing really works automaticly as it does on WordPress with theme-my-login or equivalent plugins.
    I tried to use the ‘pending’ status for user and it does not work either.
    At the end of the day, I use Buddypress and Private BuddyPress and I unclick the ‘anyone can register’ tick box.
    – Users are then created manually by the Admin. Probably the most effective moderation.
    – Blog and pages are public, social network remains private.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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