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  • Hey! I started using WPML too. It does work pretty well – I’ve ditched all my custom code to find out the current language and have WPML to decide based on its logic (I was using Polylang before, but it ran too late in the setup). I do wish WPML had better multilingual widget functionality and was a little less convoluted.

    Anyway, there don’t…[Read more]

  • Hi!

    I know this has been discussed in various forms and at different times, but here goes:

    What’s the most practical way to run BuddyPress in multiple languages?
    I’ve been attempting that with free translation plugins along with po-files, but it’s tough work and doesn’t seem to get easier.

    Any previous experience doing that in multisite or with…[Read more]

  • Hi guys!
    I have extended my WordPress sign up form with additional BP profile fields. All text fields save to the database just fine apart from multi fields (I’m using checkboxes and dropdowns). The default values are not set, nor is the information saved to the database. Any ideas what may cause that? I’m running latest versions of WP and BP and…[Read more]

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