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  • I have one solution here for you, although it’ll be up to you to deal with cross browser compatibility as far as the css goes. If the second sidebar is not going to be present on every page, you are going to have problems using this code. ….. be warned!!!

    If you are doing this on a live site, make sure you have full backups of your template files. I set this up on an install that I’m playing around with. Its not a live site, it is a place for me to muck around with wordpress and buddypress.

    This is just a starting point, but if you know your css you should be just fine

    Step 1.

    We’ll start with single.php here. this file is found in the bp-default theme folder

    around line 57, find this code:

    Copy that, and paste it a second time right below itself. Add a 2 to the part that says sidebar.php so your two lines now look like this:

    move those two lines to lines 2 and 3, right below

    Step 2.

    Now copy and save sidebar.php as a second file called sidebar2.php. Put that file in the bp-default theme folder so that now you have sidebar.php and sidebar2.php both in there. Open sidebar2.php in a text editor and change the first div at the top from `

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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