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  • flashmallach posted an update 11 years ago

    @janismo [[ accidently hit tab && space, which post’d the first half of my comment ]]

    )) — i only need to have two custom registration types, but each have custom profile fields && need to be shown different stuff on the site. // i’ve tried a bunch of plugins ((, members, wp roles at registration, cindy’s solution, etc. ))

    was…[Read more]

    • hi @flashmallach ,
      yeah, I know that this is the feature, which would improve www a lot, at least from my point of view.
      unfortunately I am not good in php, therefor, had to use existing plugins and codes.
      of course, main code here will be solution of Cindy at can not answer you about errors, but for me it works fine.
      if you need…[Read more]

  • flashmallach posted an update 11 years ago

    @janismo hey janis —

    i’ve been digging around the internet looking for a good way to integrate custom user types into bp. // i’ve seen you post a lot && it seems you’ve tried some of the things i’ve tried (( like the cleverness solution from cindy :: — which gave me errors because of this line ” update_usermeta(…[Read more]

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