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  • a short update on the date problem – i realised 40 years ago would be consistent with a timestamp of 0. therfore, a second conjecture:
    rss feeds from Blogger don’t like being chopped up into `$feed_item`.

    the solution was to use the feed provided at Other ones don’t work.

    OK, got round to fixing this, after moving to bp_external_activity… the timestamp issue has mysteriously solved itself, but to get the posts to show up on the feed i had to edit some code

    this is the offending bit:

    `$author = $rss_item->get_author();
    if ( !$userdata = get_userdatabylogin( strtolower( $author->get_name() ) ) )
    $user_id = 0;
    $user_id = $userdata->ID;`

    $author is not an object, says PHP. i conjecture this is a problem with my feed which means that $rss_item->get_author() doesn’t work, and $author is left NULL. can anyone confirm/deny this is how it works? the documentation is… terse.

    anyway, i wrapped it in an if statement:

    ` if ($author != NULL) {
    `} else {
    $author = “A user”; `

    will this work? needless to say i am a novice.

    I know this thread’s 8 months old but this would be an excellent feature. Not generating badges for other SN sites (as buddypress-badge does), but something to label users with status in the community, a bit like scout badges…


    Thanks very much!

    Your advice led me here:

    which helped clear up the finer points. And what that mysterious thing I kept ignorning, ‘I18n’, means… ;-)

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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