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  • members/single/home.php is the file you need to edit to see the changes take effect on the activity page. bp-template-pack is a great plugin.

    Ok, so I have another follow up. Apologies to anyone who thinks I’m spamming but I feel like this could be valuable to anyone trying to edit the php files after running buddypress template pack, if you disagree please advise.

    So, I’ve determined that editing the /activity/index.php file does not mean that the “activity” page will be affected. My question is, what IS affected when I edit the /activity/index.php file? How can I check my work to see if the edits are working? Do I have to edit all the index.php files before anything changes?

    within those quotes was the php call for the sidebar, didn’t realize php is prohibited, woops! sorry.

    For example, I go into /activity/index.php and i delete the “”, yet somehow the sidebar still shows up on my activity page, in the same broken way as before. How is that possible?

    Very odd although apparently not uncommon:

    I used the excellent bp-template-pack plugin and am now up to step three (the plugin “skipped” step two). This is the step where the plugin identifies what index files I need to edit to match the structure. But for some reason none of my edits are taking. I am ftping the edited php files back to my theme directory but it almost seems like buddypress is pulling from somewhere else, is that possible? I went as far as deleting my /activity/index.php file and somehow the activity page still shows up. What can I be missing here? I’ve seen a few other posts about similar “edits” not “showing up”. Any ideas on what to troubleshoot would be greatly appreciated.

    I am using the ( Magazeen theme and wordpress 3.0 and buddypress and template pack 1.0.2.


Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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