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  • glitz521 posted an update 5 years, 1 month ago

    got it appearing now at least, but only the map and title. any description or custom fields i add do not appear. also looking for a way for members to do a search filtered by certain custom fields (city, atmosphere, ect)

  • glitz521 started the forum topic page not found in the group gPress: 5 years, 1 month ago

    i installed a brand new version of buddy press and a brand new version of gpress today. after I create a new place, it says its saves but when I go to view the place ( I get PAGE NOT FOUND error. although, on the front page it shows the title and the map only […]

  • When “liking” a picture on the activity stream that was post by another member via BuddyPress Album+, the Activity does not disply the picture, and just provides a link (sometimes a broken link) to the image on the server.

    If user A uploads a picture to via buddypress album, it posts to ACTIVITY.

    then I see the picture on the activity stream…[Read more]

  • hello all. im brand new to wordpress/buddy press and so far find it to be great! im currently migrating a social networking site from drupal. One barrier Im hitting is the ability to add a “content” page (such as a drupal node).

    For example, I have “user profiles” set up with different profile fields. Id’d like to create a list of searchable…[Read more]

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