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    I use this plugin:

    It’s great – but not free, you need a subscription to the site (one month will do – and then you can download all their plugins)

    @r-a-y thanks a lot for that. This is a good workaround for now. :D

    Yes, I’m on a production site. I’m guessing this won’t take long to fix though right? I can re-upload 2.9.2 but really don’t want to mess with the database.

    I can wait, my site’s not all that popular anyways. And at least it’s still functional for the most part.

    Thanks, anyway to rollback in the interim?

    Here are a few more suggestions:
    – easy way to change labels and tab name (example: change tab and path to music, change page name from llink directory to music directory)
    – easy integration with things like sexybookmarks
    – links tab within groups

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    Nice. If you are on the home page, the Album subpage says: view ‘s album

    with no name, should probably say “My Album”

    Suggestions: ability for multiple albums, my members would be using them for different events.

    Also, would love to be able to watermark every picture that members upload.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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