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  • Hi guys, sorry I posted this under the activity section, but I think I should have posted it here instead. Sorry about that.


    Is it possible to integrate CD BuddyPress Avatar Bubble with the […]

  • godrob posted an update in the group CD BuddyPress Avatar Bubble 10 years ago

    Hi guys,

    Is it possible to integrate CD BuddyPress Avatar Bubble with the S2Member plugin? The issue I have is that I need to create registration fields through s2member rather than the usual BuddyPress xprofile way. Unfortunately, these new registration fields do not show up within the CD Avatar Bubble configuration panel. Has anybody…[Read more]

  • godrob posted an update 10 years ago

    @pcwriter @pcwriter Hi pcwriter,

    I know your post is over a year old, but I was wondering if you were ever able to integrate s2member with CD BuddyPress Avatar Bubble in the end? I am also interested in being able to show membership levels within this plugin.

    Would appreciate any help with getting this to work?

    All the best

  • I’m still having real trouble with this, can anybody please help me? // INTEGRATION NOTES FOR CUSTOM DEVELOPERS // You can insert your existing CMS user Global values into the // login procedure. Simply replace the values $_FOO // and $_FOO with your SESSION, COOKIE or MySQL results. // Example: // define(‘C_CUSTOM_LOGIN’,’1′); // 0 OFF, […]

  • Hi guys, I’m new to all this and could really do with some help… I’m trying to integrate a 3rd party chat room script into BuddyPress. In order for existing members to be able to automatically login, I need to know what to change in the following lines of code: define(‘C_CUSTOM_USERNAME’,$_FOO); // username define(‘C_CUSTOM_USERID’,$_FOO); // […]

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