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Julian Fox (greataussiepie)

About Me

I’m sort of married to my PC. But we spend a healthy amount of time with other devices so its ok.

I’ve worked mostly in hospitality and customer service so serving others has been something iv had a lot of practice at. I also spend a lot of time experimenting with plugins and code snippets, and am aiming to increase my programming skills.

Website URL

Current Location

Canberra, Australia

WordPress Origin Story

Before WordPress I was using mainly Dreamweaver and other tools. WordPress has actually encouraged and eased me into coding and has made me better at it. Before I relied on a tool or a visual editor to code most of my hobby websites. Themes and Plugins opened my eyes and made me realise that I could accomplish more if I used the products others made available, but on the flip side, the sense of empowerment i got from building amazing websites encouraged me to dive in and find out how the products that help me, actually work.

After using WordPress for about 6 months I stumbled across someone in the forums trying to start a business and needed help with his website, since then iv been managing websites professionally as a freelancer.




Job Title

Site Builder


Playing games.
3D animation.
Short films.
Film production.
Building websites.
Ancient History.

WordPress Usage

Personal, Business

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