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  • Steve Taylor


    A note for anyone doing this. Sequential updating is probably best, at the very least if going through version 5.

    I updated from 2.9.4 to 6.3.0 and got an error regarding a missing DB table (bp_invitations). This is new in BP 5.

    Check bp-core-update.php, which contains functions for special actions updating to major versions. The one for versions higher than 2.9.4 is bp_update_to_5_0(), which creates the new invitations table. This seems to only be run if updating to 5 (not run if updating from < 5 to e.g. 6.

    @shanebp Sure, we’ll be going through the process locally then on a staging space before applying to production.

    If there’s no well-known red flags for updating through so many major versions at once, I’ll have a go with the all-at-once update and backtrack if we get stuck.

    Thanks for the advice!

    Thanks. It turns out bp_before_get_suggestions_parse_args was the filter I was looking for, applied to the bp_core_get_suggestions() function’s args. Since it’s called from AJAX, you need to parse $_SERVER[ 'HTTP_REFERER' ] to find out where it’s being called from, but then you can pass args through to BP_Members_Suggestions or BP_Groups_Member_Suggestions.

    I was thinking of developer docs rather than guides to the user interface – but thanks anyway.

    As I said, it’s too erratic to replicate easily. At the moment I can’t get it to do anything other than suggest group members, which is what I expected. But before I posted this it was sometimes the list missed group members, sometimes it included all site members. Sometimes it was different in updates compared to comments, sometimes not.

    I’m hoping it won’t be something that results in disabling the feature completely being the preferred option (seems to be a common request out there due to members finding the feature confusing).

    But for now all I can do is experiment with hacking mentions.js and seeing if I can find anything. I just wondered if any systematic approach to taming it had been found.

    I’ve looked. I was looking for more information, and have searched to no avail. It’s not documented anywhere?

    That’s crazy. Why are there loads of code samples out there, very close variations on what I’ve got, with no mention of this need to stick code into the main activity template? I assume you mean members/single/activity.php – it’s the one being displayed despite me specifying members/single/plugins in the subnav screen function callback. I’ll work with that for now but it seems like a clumsy hack for something that should be basic.

    This hack works, though not sure why it’s necessary. Just inside the loop:

    global members_template;
    if ( empty( $members_template->member->user_id ) ) :
    	$members_template->member->user_id = bp_get_member_user_id();

    Thanks @henrywright. I’m discovering a few bits that are ‘utility’ styles that I’m copying over (e.g. screen reader text class). It’d be really useful if things like this were in a separate ‘core’ include for people who want to strip back to a minimum. Anyway, I’m ploughing ahead, I’ll keep an eye on the markup.

    Thanks. I was wary because @danbp suggested otherwise: ‘Yes i understand (i’m also using a bootstrap theme), you can do like you want. But don’t claim after that that BP doesn’t work correctly.’ You’re saying that ‘doesn’t work correctly’ means ‘won’t be styled correctly’? There seems to be a confusion between functionality and presentation here.

    Thanks. As far as I can see, the relevant section there that deals with the Members directory is looking at the ordering drop-down. It’s not what I would call a ‘filter’, i.e. filtering results by certain criteria to shown only a sub-section of members. I was thinking that the tabs (where currently there’s only ‘All Members’) would be the more suitable interface element to use. Is there are comparable way of tapping into that?

    Or are you saying that there’s no way of tapping into the tabs, and I’ll have to compromise by using the ordering drop-down, i.e. to order by the ‘primary contact’ custom field, showing those with it checked first. The list would still include those who aren’t primary contacts, but they would see those who are grouped together at least. They would then lose the ability to order by something else, so not ideal – but is this the best I can do with BP?

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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