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what’s going on everyone my name is Adam repos box and welcome back to another tutorial this is going to be a very brief tutorial hopefully because it’s a very simple concept but I get asked for some of these things that I’ve done pretty much my entire technology life and so I’m going to show them I’m going to show you how to emulate Gameboy Advance games on your computer laptop any computer that could run it for free easily first things first you want to go to you’re going to want to go to the link I put in the gba emulator download one point 8.0 the version on SourceForge isn’t actually updated for some reason it’s very strange and just click the where it says filename visual boy advance blah blah blah exe and download it to wherever you save your downloads to and click Save now navigate to your downloads folder or wherever you downloaded it to and take the visual boyer visual boy exe this is the actual executable for the game it’s not an installer so cut it and put it in its own folder because it’s going to make a bunch of temporary and system files for the program so over on one of my solid state drives I’m just going to make a folder called GBA for Gameboy Advance and I’m going to paste the visual boy advance exe in there and then I’m going to go ahead and run it and here is the emulator window itself and you can see in the folder it has made a VBA 1 dot I and I and next you’re going to need a gameboy advance ROM file now I’m not going to show you too much detail about how to do this as gameboy advance is still somewhat new enough or supported enough generation that I might get into trouble for it but if you navigate on the rest of this website that I linked you for the download which happens to be called mu paradise you’ll see there’s a ROM and ISO section and GBA roms and they have over 2800 Game Boy Advance rounds so you can find your own they are generally dot GBA files once you have one all you really have to do is drag and drop it onto the visual boy advance screen as you’ll see me do in just a moment now the specific ROM that I am using here is actually a rom hack of one of the pokemon games so it’s going to look a little bit different and if you’re playing an official Pokemon game and the first thing you’ll notice especially on my giant 4 kay screen here is that the preview is quite small because Gameboy Advance games basically ran at 240 P so you can use your arrows you know the little normal resize windows to resize the screen now keep in mind it doesn’t maintain aspect ratio so you can make it widescreen or if you want you can double click to maximize it make it full screen running pokemon at 4k not necessarily need it although we are running it above 1080p something that you do want to notice here is at the top it has a percentage that is the speed basically how fast the game is running compared to real-time so 100% is it’s running at 100% normal speed and if you and if you hold in the speed-up key which used to be spacebar you can see it goes up into the thousands because you’re speeding through the game alright let’s take a really really quick look at the options just to optimize it for you here real quick if you go to file you can open up roms Gameboy Advance and Game Boy Color you can save game states so instead of just saving in-game you can actually save exactly where you are in case you’re at a point where you can’t actually save the game in the normal game or if you just want to go back to a certain point if 10 of those by default and then you can load from those spots as well so you can totally pause the game and reset it and then you can import game shark code files battery files if you want to do more advanced stuff there’s a screen capture option though I do recommend using third-party programs such as dxtory or abs or something like that OBS so what I’m going to be using for some playthroughs over on my ethos Fox gaming channel link to that in the description below go sub that up and then you have some options for the video render methods you have some advanced stuff here then I’m not going to get into although I can do an advanced tutorial if you like but if you go to video you can turn on vsync which will sync the framerate to your monitor sperm right generally not recommended you can choose whether it uses OpenGL or DirectX to render it you can actually customize the size here so by default it’s set to x 1 and then you resize it yourself or you can tell it specifically x 4 so this is x 4 of what the game normally runs at and as you can see the speed is back up to 100 because it’s a lower resolution you can add in borders of what version of Game Boy is running so I’m going to put it at GB a you can change how it renders the sound what priority and your system it has and then you can go to join pad here and this is where you set up your hotkeys so you have four different joypad options and you can just customize the key bindings for the game and it has Z X Z X a and s to make the buttons poster together but I usually map them to a BL r just because that’s what they actually are and that’s easier for me to remember or you can map them to a controller if you’re using a controller which is makes things a lot easier you can change the language you can set up wireless adapter settings again much more advanced tutorial you can put in sheets gameshark codes or I think some action replay codes might work and then you can record some like I said and that’s pretty much it but this is how you emulate and run Game Boy games on your Windows computer now Game Boy is an old enough console generation that pretty much any computer can run it so you can run it on your laptop you can run it on a crappy desktop anything running Windows like non Windows RT will run this there are emulators you can use for Android if you want a tutorial on that leave me a comment down below one last little bit that I did want to mention here I’m recording this after the end of this video here is if you want to actually be able to just run the game via a one click shortcut what you have to do is right-click your GBA file and go to

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