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  • Mark posted a new activity comment 11 years, 7 months ago

    Can you not just have it so, 6 people liked this, @tom, @dick, @harry etc?

    Should it bump the activity to the top? I noticed @dwkeys was looking into this ages ago?

    Will 0.09 be sometime coming relatively quickly, or is it likely to be a few months? Thanks for your hard work, this could be a massively popular plugin with the stats bits!

    • In the settings panel, under “‘View Likes’ Visibility”, select ‘Show names of all likers’ and that’s the output you will get.

      It currently won’t change the location of the activity in the stream, however I would really like to look into that feature; showing most popular content first, or content which the users friends are liking as well.

      I…[Read more]

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